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What happens when data gets lost from the cloud?


We talked and talked about the need to protect your data – in the cloud or not.

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Have you been pwned?

Don’t you wonder all the time how all these spammers got your email address?

Who has your email address and who is selling it and what they are going to do with it?

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The reality of bad statistics

There is a claim in the SC article that an average Londoner carries 461GB of data with them.

I cannot believe this and almost stopped reading at this point. But there is a bit of sensible advice there too.

Are you hearing voices?

Man in the middle steganography could be used to transmit secrets within voice.

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Psychopaths within the highest levels of governments and corporations

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So, where do we stand so far? 1) War on Drugs, started in the 1920s, Drug use and crime worse now, no end in sight. 2) War on Terror, decades ago, but assume 2001. 14 years and counting. Worse now, no end in sight. 3) War on Cyber. What chance of success?

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