It was only a question of time…
NHS is going to share our medical data with Tesco, Boots and Superdrug. This is to help them to help you (of course).

This was one of the prime worries when the NHS patient database was discussed – you may trust NHS with your data – possibly – but do you trust everybody they share data with?

Retailers say that they would “never use your data to market products to you” – oh, well… that is all right then. But – how long before THEY share it with somebody else, who shares it with someone and so on…
I am not a lawyer, but I doubt if all of this is legal in the first place – my medical data belongs to me – I should know who has access to it, where it is, how well it is protected and so on.
And – even if we accept the retailers word about what they would and would not do… How much do we know about their security systems? The fact that they do not intend to give away your data doesn’t mean that they wont.
And we should always remember that medical data is not like other data – if the bank loses your password, credit card number and pin – you lose money, the bank may refund it and give you a new card etc. – and apart from inconvenience – you should be OK. But if your medical data is lost and then sold – there is very little anybody can do to put that genie into the bottle again. I think that if you don’t mind for your potential employer or your insurance company to look at your medical record you should give them an explicit permission.
But now – Tesco can do that for you. Every little helps!