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Pig Food and 10 Steps to Cyber Security

10 Steps to Cyber Security

Below is copy of the GCHQ and Government guidelines for businesses in the UK to protect themselves in Cyber Space. Its useful information and covers a wide range of threats. It is about Cyber so don’t expect chapter and verse on backup or file archiving and, if you are dealing with people and processing personal details, how long you should keep data for or how you should destroy it.

The link below does point to some useful and thoughtful information so please take the time to review it.


If you sold pig food do you think you would be the target of a cyber attack? Well we know of one business that was cleaned out of a substantial sum of money last week. It could be YOU next.

Further details can be found here

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THINGS are coming!!

Internet of THINGS

Recent explosive progress in electronics miniaturization is changing our world. It is clear to me that Internet of Things (IoT) will soon, sooner than we think, make our lifes DIFFERENT. (Better or worse, depending on your attitude – personally I think it will be better).

And – like with anything new – there are worries, criticisms, doomsday conspiracy theories – that’s just LIFE!

One of the issues that do need addressing though is security. Intuitively it is clear that filling your home with THINGS that are in communication with the rest of the world requires a bit of thought.

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