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IT Security Concepts

IT Security Concepts


This document is an attempt to formulate basic reasoning behind security technologies, we should employ. It is not trying to analyse the actual techniques used and tries to stay away from technology comparisons. I apologize for some of the analogies that may sound infantile. The reason for this is two-fold: it may help to explain the concept to a non-technical reader, but also, I found that using simple analogies may sometimes expose holes in our thinking.

Why use security systems

It is quite obvious that any security system has a cost, not only in terms of cash, but also – more significantly –

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Where to keep your sensitive data for remote working

Where to keep sensitive data

The table below summarizes security and speed implication of different ways of accessing sensitive data while working out of office. Note that the comparison only lists most popular ways of storing data and the Security/Speed correspond to typical situation – in the real world access speed and security provided by local encryption vary.

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FBI to #WordPress users: patch now before ISIL defaces you

If you are running Joomla sites oatch up as well > FBI to WordPress users: patch now before ISIL defaces you on The Register —

Hotel #Wi-Fi not only hideously expensive! It’s horribly #insecure @richardzybert

The expensive hotel Wi-Fi is shocking. I use @richardzybert software and hardware so I know I will be secure > Wi-Fi not only hideously expensive it’s horribly insecure —

#BT Home Hub #SIP backdoor blunder blamed for #VoIP fraud

BT Home Hub SIP backdoor blunder blamed for VoIP fraud —