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THINGS are coming!!

Internet of THINGS

Recent explosive progress in electronics miniaturization is changing our world. It is clear to me that Internet of Things (IoT) will soon, sooner than we think, make our lifes DIFFERENT. (Better or worse, depending on your attitude – personally I think it will be better).

And – like with anything new – there are worries, criticisms, doomsday conspiracy theories – that’s just LIFE!

One of the issues that do need addressing though is security. Intuitively it is clear that filling your home with THINGS that are in communication with the rest of the world requires a bit of thought.

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Pharmacy 2U (and others)

NHS-approved online pharmacy fined for selling off personal data of 20,000 patients


The UK’s largest NHS-approved online pharmacy, Pharmacy2U, has been issued a £130,000 fine by the Information Commissioner’s Officer (ICO) for selling patients’ and customers’ personal data via direct marketers.

Through a marketing company called Alchemy Direct Media Ltd, Pharmacy2U senior executives unlawfully sold the personal data of over 21,000 NHS patients and online customers either directly or through intermediaries, including their names and addresses.

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Trust your supermarket

It was only a question of time…
NHS is going to share our medical data with Tesco, Boots and Superdrug. This is to help them to help you (of course).

This was one of the prime worries when the NHS patient database was discussed – you may trust NHS with your data – possibly – but do you trust everybody they share data with?

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IT Security Concepts

IT Security Concepts


This document is an attempt to formulate basic reasoning behind security technologies, we should employ. It is not trying to analyse the actual techniques used and tries to stay away from technology comparisons. I apologize for some of the analogies that may sound infantile. The reason for this is two-fold: it may help to explain the concept to a non-technical reader, but also, I found that using simple analogies may sometimes expose holes in our thinking.

Why use security systems

It is quite obvious that any security system has a cost, not only in terms of cash, but also – more significantly –

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Is he trying to put us out of business?

David Cameron is going to try and ban encryption in Britain

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It may be uncomfortable to suddenly be on the same side as terrorists, but we seem to be in a good company.
And writing for the Guardian, James Ball suggested that a blanket ban on encryption would “spell the end of e-commerce” in the UK since credit card details are generally always sent via secure encrypted connections. “Cameron either knows his anti-terror talk is unworkable and is looking for headlines,” Ball said, “or he hasn’t got a clue.”
Well… – guess which one…