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Pharmacy 2U (and others)

NHS-approved online pharmacy fined for selling off personal data of 20,000 patients

(from http://www.nationalhealthexecutive.com/)

The UK’s largest NHS-approved online pharmacy, Pharmacy2U, has been issued a £130,000 fine by the Information Commissioner’s Officer (ICO) for selling patients’ and customers’ personal data via direct marketers.

Through a marketing company called Alchemy Direct Media Ltd, Pharmacy2U senior executives unlawfully sold the personal data of over 21,000 NHS patients and online customers either directly or through intermediaries, including their names and addresses.

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Information Commissioner’s Office takes action on data loss

Small business fined £5,000 for loss of customer data and two individuals prosecuted for illegally accessing other people’s personal information.Could this happen to you?

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Smartphone Losses on London Transport Reveal Data Risk for SMEs

A Freedom of Information request by McAfee revealed that 15,833 mobile phones and 528 laptops were handed into TfL as lost property in 2013 alone.

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