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IT Security Concepts

IT Security Concepts


This document is an attempt to formulate basic reasoning behind security technologies, we should employ. It is not trying to analyse the actual techniques used and tries to stay away from technology comparisons. I apologize for some of the analogies that may sound infantile. The reason for this is two-fold: it may help to explain the concept to a non-technical reader, but also, I found that using simple analogies may sometimes expose holes in our thinking.

Why use security systems

It is quite obvious that any security system has a cost, not only in terms of cash, but also – more significantly –

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Snooper’s charter – here we go again!

This hydra has plenty of heads. And for each that is cut off, two more grow… http://www.theguardian.com/media-network/2015/may/27/snoopers-charter-business-public-communications-data reports on the next attempt of making this bill stick. There is very little a business can do about the external mail – encryption works for recipients who support it and is a good idea. But businesses should start thinking more carefully about their internal emails – obviously more sensitive. It may be a good time to ensure that the internal emails – including from mobile workers and mobile devices – don’t wonder around Internet where they have to be logged, preserved and disclosed to who knows whom – deliberately or by mistake.

What happens when data gets lost from the cloud?


We talked and talked about the need to protect your data – in the cloud or not.

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Solution for blocked email attachments

Email Attachment

Do you ever have problems with email attachments being blocked? If your business is in media or graphic design then this will probably be an issue for you.

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Company data in dropbox?


Some sensible analysis of what businesses do with their data here

The idea that – just because you CAN – you should share business data with consumer-level tools sounds crazy. But – this is what happens.